Working with a range of different materials, marianda@artifexcreations creates interesting and beautiful works of art using fused and stained glass techniques. More recently found objects and drawing have evolved into new artworks. Her pieces can be found in homes, offices, galleries and outdoor spaces throughout the UK and in her birth country of New Zealand.
    Inspiration comes from the natural world. Shapes, colours and textures fascinate her and she strives to express this in abstract patterns which will capture the imagination of all those who see it.

The challenge is to bring out the essence of the shape without directly copying the original. From initial drawings to abstract design, cutting and shaping of the glass to firing in the kiln, Marianda’s talent and skill is expressed in every line and form. Each piece is only finished when she feels an internal ‘click’ of satisfaction; until that time she continues to work on an idea, evolving the original picture through shape and colour.

The simplicity of Miro, the power and vibrancy of Pavarotti’s voice, the beauty of Gaudi’s curves and the ability of Picasso to draw the essence of an object through a few pencil strokes have all combined to influence Marianda’s art.

She also finds enjoyment in the technical challenge of working with glass; some shapes are hard to cut by hand and their inclusion in her work adds greater satisfaction in the finished piece.

Marianda’s work is now evolving through the use of more unusual materials, such as wood, recycled glass and steel, to create 3D sculptural works. She also has plans to use some of her favourite designs in textiles and printmaking, changing and developing them yet still keeping the essence of the original.

Marianda has been called ‘the gorgeous glass lady’. Seeing her work clearly explains why.

Contact marianda @ artifex creations today to commission your personal piece of gorgeous glass.